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IT Consulting & Software Solutions

Decision support technologies and industrial optimization

As a leading Austrian operations research company, we provide our customers standard and custom software solutions. High performance mathematical optimization algorithms and user friendly applications yield maximal efficiency for our customers!

Logistics Software Solutions

Optimize your distribution logistics with our innovative software: Destion LOGOS . Due to our high performance optimization algorithms significant reductions of droven kilometers, higher degrees of capacity utilization and improved quality of services can be obtained.


Air Traffic Solutions

Our software Airport Slot Planner supports coordination authorities, airports, airlines and related service organizations with an effective tool for analyzing, visualizing and planning of airport slots and flight schedules.


Custom Operations Research Solutions

Customized software solutions for solving difficult planning problems will significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the solutions, and thus also imply substantial cost savings. As a leading Austrian commercial provider for operations research solutions we integrate high performance mathematical optimization algorithms in a robust software framework with a strong focus on user experience, seamless integration, extensibility and maintainability. This leads to very short pay-back periods and a long smooth utilization time of our software.

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