The right setup is crucial for good results

Services, Consultancy, Custom software solutions

In addition to our software solutions we provide our know-how in the  operations research area as services and consultancy. Operations research is an interdisciplinary field in between of computer sciences, applied mathematics (optimization and statistics), and business administration. Its application provides means for decision support for strategic and operative tasks with the goal of improving efficiency, quality intensification and costs reduction.

Process analysis

In workshops we analyze critical and important processes (like consignment, transport logistics, planning) together with our customers. Potential improvements in efficiency are identified, as well as regarding solution strategies are developed in this step. Hereby, strategic goals and surrounding conditions of our customers are taken into account. Result of this analysis is the presentation of the business case, i.e. a comparison of required investment costs to resulting benefits, considering various scenarios and potential risks.

Modeling and conceptual design

In addition to product requirements and a functional specification, the implementation of operations research methodologies requires a mathematical optimization model. This model should consist of all optimization objectives, as well as hard and soft constraints. A good model makes a trade-off between accuracy and practicability.

All models are wrong, but some are useful (George Box)

Based on the mathematical model solutions strategies (algorithms, software components) can be developed.

Analysis, Simulation, Consulting

Based on our software modules Destion Optimization Engine and Destion Routing Engine we provide simulations and data analysis to our customers. For this purpose we use historic data (shipments and carriage data) to answer questions like the optimal size of the fleet, best warehouse and storage locations. These results yield quantitative data and thus provide a profound basis for decision-making.


In some cases it might be useful to develop a software prototype as proof-of-concept, and to illustrate its operative application. For this purpose a simplified model can be used, where some constraints, restrictions and special cases are neglected. Hence, decision makers and key users can get a clear prospect of the software solution and can thus provide feedback in early project stages.

Further services

We also provide our expertise for preparation of call for bids, creating requirements specifications, evaluation of proposals and support our customers in the management of software projects.